Accept Gift Cards as Payment

Offer your customers another form of payment.

Accepting gift cards as payment is now a simple process with Gift Card Payments. We easily allow your customers to pay with any major brand gift card. Gift Card Payment’s API allows businesses to offer an alternative payment method for their customers. Electronic brands are sold instantly through our automated API and integration only takes a few hours. Partner with Gift Card Payments and start accepting gift cards as payment for your business.

Step 1

Accept and verify gift cards
in real time.

Step 2

Credit your customer to
complete the sale.

Step 3

We pay you within 3
business days.


Accepting major brand gift cards as
payment offers a variety of opportunities.

Nearly 16 million Americans can’t pay online. These potential customers do not have access to a credit or debit card. Accepting gift cards as payment allows these customers to make a purchase. Access the $50 billion in unused gift cards available in the US market today. Giving your customers an alternative payment option allows for less reliance on Visa and Mastercard.

Gift cards as a payment method
have many key benefits.


Quick Integration

You could be up and running with live
orders in less than a couple hours.


Automated Balance Inquiry

Card balances are verified in real-time for your customer account crediting.



Gift cards allow private payments
for your customers.



Awesome flexible support for
you and your customers.


Real Time Transaction Data

Up to the minute transaction detail and reporting.


Nearly 300 Brands

Highly recognized electronic brands
such as Walmart and Best Buy.

Supplement your payment offerings with Gift Card Payments and let us handle your gift card payments program.

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