About Gift Card Payments

Where we started from.

Gift Card Payments’ roots stem from CardQuiry and Plastic Jungle, formerly the web’s largest secured gift card exchange who’s marketplace and payment applications were created for the benefit of consumers and merchants alike. During our 8 years as a market leader we learned a few things about gift cards. This makes us uniquely positioned to create, automate and maintain processes throughout the gift card ecosystem.

Industries that benefit from accepting gift cards as payment.

With over a decade of experience in the gift card space we have created an automated solution that manages all transactions in real-time. Its easily integrated in as little as a couple hours. We have found these industries to be the most in need.

Video Gaming

29% of gamers are under 18 and don’t have access to a credit card. Major brand gift cards allow your customers to make purchases that enhance their gaming experience.


The $50B in unused retailer gift cards provide an easy exchange for Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies.


Retailer gift cards are a perfect solution for your VPN customers to pay with a method that keeps them private. VPN companies can offer this service as an additional payment option to fulfill their customer needs.


Access the $50 Billion of unused gift cards in your customer’s wallets, drawers and glove boxes. These cards can be easily donated to your charity to create much needs funds for your cause.


Tap into an alternative payment that offers privacy. Gift cards are easily acquired and allow your customers to continue playing.

High Risk Merchants

The list of industries unable to acquire or afford a credit card processing account is growing. Major brand gift cards provide an alternative to an online businesses’ dependency on Visa and Mastercard.

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